LSS Toolbar v1.0 Best plugin for sketchup


The LSS Toolbar created by created by Kirill is a great toolbar that combines many of Kirill’s plugins in one easy to use menu. It has been slightly overdue but now that its here it is a great addition! Kirill’s famous plugin is the SU Blend plugin that will blend or morph two faces into one object with levels (if desired).

Though the new toolbar comes with many other useful blending tools. Included is the original sublend named “Blend” on the toolbar. In addition is the “2 Faces + Path” blending tool that allows you to take the sublend concept and blend along a path. Works really well and has many options to get the blend exactly as you like it. Another set of tools that comes with the LSS Toolbar is the control points to manipulate objects. This can be used to manipulate curved objects such as spheres. Though the drawback on these tools is that they can be a little tricky to use and get used to. First you need to set up control points (be sure to play with all the options first as they all do slightly different things). Then once you have control points set up you need to DOUBLE CLICK on the point and then you can move them in any which direction you choose. The great thing about these is that you can control the power of the controls as you wish. And other tools involving the control points are the rotate, scale, stick in or stick out, and deform face.
The LSS Toolbar also allows you to create curves based off of points to draw smooth lines and the biggest feature is the ability to edit these lines after using the “Edit Geom Interpolated Curve” button. Though this tool is similar to the Bezier Spine Tools which is a set of tools specifically for these types of curves.

One of the most useful features of the LSS Toolbar is the “Create 3D Mesh from Construction Points” it creates that all too sought after tool to create smooth curves based on predefined points. We suggest also downloading the Draw Construction Lines tool to assist you in creating these points. A great benefit to this plugin is that it also has the ability to draw the contours of the lines of the mesh. And finally the “Stick Objects to Mesh” tool allows you to drop objects down onto a surface and perfectly fit onto the surface.

Overall, The LSS Toolbar created by created by Kirill is a very useful plugin and works great to manipulate surfaces and create curves exactly as you wish. At the time of this review this plugin is free and is available at Kirill’s live journal page. Though his plugin does require other rubyscript files to fully work.

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