V-Ray Real Time for 3Ds Max (VRAY RT)

Currently the V-Ray RT technology is based on CPUs - it does NOT require any special or expensive graphics cards. All V-Ray RT needs is CPUs.

* V-Ray RT supports distributed rendering across multiple machines in the local network.
* V-Ray RT is an ActiveShade renderer in 3ds Max, separate from the production V-Ray renderer.
* V-Ray RT performs the actual rendering outside of 3ds Max itself, with the help of the V-Ray RT render server(s), which can run either locally on the same machine, or on other machine(s) in the local network. The renderer plugin in 3ds Max only relays the scene changes to the render servers and displays the final result.

A major feature of V-Ray RT is its ability to track changes to the scene performed by the user and automatically update the ActiveShade preview. The following scene changes are supported:

* Create/delete objects (geometry, lights, cameras, etc.);
* Modify object parameters;
* Move/rotate/scale objects;
* Apply/remove/edit object modifiers;
* Hide/unhide objects;
* Apply materials on objects;
* Modify material properties like textures, colors etc;
* Modify light properties (like position, color, etc.)
* Animation of cameras, objects, lights and materials (scrubbing the time slider);
* Render settings change;
* Camera/view orientation change;
* Modify camera/view parameters;
* Environment change (color, texture etc).

The following geometric objects are supported by V-Ray RT

* Triangle meshes;
* All other primitives that are convertible to triangle meshes (NURBS surfaces, patches, etc.);
* VRayPlane objects.

The following materials are supported by V-Ray RT

* V-Ray materials: VRayMtl, VRayBlendMtl, VRayOverrideMtl, VRayLightMtl and VRay2SidedMtl;
* 3ds Max materials: Multi/sub-object, Standard, Shellac and Blend;
* VRayWrapperMtl material is only partially supported.

The following textures are supported by V-Ray RT:

* Bitmap textures: PNG, BMP, TGA, JPG, EXR, HDR, SGI, PIC and TIFF file formats;
* Procedural textures: Checker, Noise, Falloff, Speckle, Cellular, Gradient Ramp, Tiles etc;
* Utility textures: Output, Normal bump, Mix, Mask, RGB Multiply, RGB Tint etc;
* V-Ray textures: VRayColor, VRayCompTex, VRayEdgesTex, VRayHDRI, VRaySky and VRayBmpFilter;
* 3rd party textures: the ColorCorrect texture is partially supported (the Gamma and Source parameters).

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