Here you go people vray for sketchup 1.48.91

VRayForSketchUp-1.48.91 Updated to V-Ray Core 1.90.03,  
installed on windows 7 runs well with both sketchup pro.7 & sketchup pro.8
- Toon material should work properly now
- Found an issue in our notify queue system that could cause problems opening or making new models
- Fixed issue where materials with names matching that of dummy materials in our material preview scene would cause problems when rendering previews
- Fixed issue where material layers may disappear when the material is used as a sub material for a 2sided material
- Fixed issue with the Floating License Manager that prevented users from adding additional licenses
- Added some error checking to the user input in our license dialogs, to help users enter their information correctly
- Hitting the back button after failing to activate the product should no longer cause problems
- Fixed some other issues with licensing that would cause error messages to appear when the activation was sucessful
- The cutoff parameter should now be visible in the Default V-Ray material's options again, it had disappeared in a recent build

- You can now set a material to not be effected by the global override material
- VFB Render History has been added (the little H at the bottom of the VFB)
- Updated to V-Ray Core 1.90.03
- During the installation, you can now choose to check out more than one seat for your license when setting up a local floating license server
- Our tooltips should now be automatically word wrapped, so they won't fill the entire width of the screen with a long line of text
- Added dispersion to the Refraction layer.
- Added the ability to set a texture for Anisotropy
- Added the ability to set a texture for Anisotropy Rotation
- Removed useless UVW settings from the TexAColor
- There is now a confirmation dialog that will appear when removing a materia

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