Brazil r/s Pro 2.1.1 For Max2009-2011 Win32/64

The Gold Standard
Brazil r/s is the industry standard for high-end quality, flexibility, reliability, and artist-friendly workflow in 3ds Max.

The Highest Quality
We could go on and on about the benefits of quality software, and the  technicals behind how Brazil r/s allows artists to attain images of  superior quality, but ultimately, it's the imagery and the work that  speak for themselves.

Whether your needs include film quality production rendering,  architectural or engineering visualization or just 3D artistic  expression, Brazil r/s is the renderer of choice for artists and studios  world-wide. By being a truly compatible 3ds Max renderer, and by  supporting the widest possible range of 3rd party plug-ins, Brazil r/s  V2 lets you achieve any desired style of rendered output without having  to retool your entire pipeline to suit a specific renderer.

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